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These beautiful ladies  are some of  my Classmates in 
CHS -NC II (computer hardware servising - NC II ) 
Batch 2013

 One of my friends, super doper Bc taking pictures 
with her classmates and friends
 in  outside of our  room below the grandstand   
while our instructor's are not coming 

and this are the  photos she taking with...
Maricar Duran, Lyn  Quilar, Chadnie Abapo, Ruth Ninggasca, Roselyn Mejos
Maricar Duran, Lyn  Quilar, Chadnie Abapo, Roselyn Mejos
Roselyn Mejos, Ruth Ninggasca, Maricar Duran, Zola Cañete, Chadnie Abapo
Ruth Ninggasca, Maricar Duran, Johnpaul Campomanes
Ruth Ninggasca, Zola Cañete, Chadnie Abapo, Maricar Duran, Lyn Quilar

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