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Qoutes for the day :D


 → Cheater is Always a Cheater 

 → It's Hard to Love Someone Who's in Love with SomeBody  Else ←

 →To be Together first  we have TO-GET-HEr ←

 →Live  for the Moments we can't put into words.

:) Stop hating ourself for everything we aren't and start loving ourself for everything we are.

:) No matter how good we are, there are always people who will talk something bad about us. The key is to stop listening to them.

:) Just remember one thing: people who hurt or leave us are never worth our stress.

:) Don't let bad moments overcome us; be patient and they will pass.

:) Sometimes, being honest with ourself is the hardest thing we can ever do.

:) We always ignore who adores us, adore who ignores us, love who hurts us and hurt who loves us.

:)  we're Girls never get mad for no reason. It may be over something small or stupid, but there’s always a reason.

:) In school, we need to learn our lesson first before they give us a test. But in real life, the test is given first, then the lesson.

:) When we  have freetime we  get bored and wish we  were busy. When we 're busy, we  get frustrated and wish we  had more freetime...ohhh life :D 

:) We  are Pretending to be happy when we're in pain is just an example of how strong we are as a person.

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