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☻☻ Emo ☻☻
            by; Tyne

 ♥ My life, my style is my attitude.

 ♥ Trusting you is my decision, me right is your choice.

 ♥ If you don't like my words, don't listen
If you don't like my appearance, don't look
If you don't like my actions, turn your head.

 ♥ I cared, you didn't
I cried, you laughed
I was hurt, you smiled
I moved o, you realized.

 ♥ Someday, my heart will just let you go.

 ♥ The best thing about me is U.

 ♥ Sometimes its better to me in silence than to tell other what you feel..
co'z it only hurts when you know they can listen but they just don't understand.. :(

 ♥ Silence is the best responce to a fool.

 ♥ You desired my attention but denied my affection.

 ♥ Silence is a girl's loudest cry.

 ♥ It doesn't matter how stylish you look,
what matters most is a smile on your face.

 ♥ Forgive me if I smile, It's just to hide my fears,
Forgive me if I laugh, its just to hide the tears.

 ♥ One of my biggest fear is watching  the person I love , love someone else.

 ♥ I lke to pretend that I'm okie because.... I don't wanna annoy people with my problems.

 ♥ Sometimes you have to let go to see if...
there was anything worth holding on to.

 ♥ I juts wantb a gut who will stand by me, fight for me , support me and be honest with me.

 ♥ If you got my trust don't lose it...
If you got my love don't abuse it...

 ♥ Be proud of who you are.

 ♥ I never deserved all that you did to me.

 ♥ I may not perfect but I'm always me...

 ♥ I belived in love, I just don't believed in man.

 ♥ Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from people.
If they care, they'll notice.
 ♥ If they don't, you know where you stand with them.

 ♥ The hardest part about walking away from someone 
is knowing that they won't run after you.

 ♥ Being beautiful doesn't make you nice...
being nice makes you beautiful.

 ♥ My heart never know loneliness, until you went away
I'm Missing U

 ♥ If you done it wrong they will never forget, but 
If you done it right ther don't remember..

 ♥ Crying alone id better than laughing with peaople who pretend to like you..

 ♥ Life is to express yourself not to impress others...

 ♥ He is someone not my only one.

 ♥  " Hapiness " isn't getting all you want
It's enjoying what you have.

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